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It’s in our DNA

As former operators and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it is like to be in your shoes. We understand the challenges you face growing your business. It’s our job to help you realize your vision and provide you with the guidance and support you may need on your journey. We love our job!

How We Help - Emerge Case Study

As an SVP of Technology at J.B. Hunt, NewRoad Partner Tracy Black helped build some of the industry’s first digital freight brokerage solutions. Tracy’s experience in industry allowed her to see Emerge’s vision and approach and recognize its differentiation and unique value proposition versus its competition.

  • Tracy conducted IT due diligence and has helped develop Emerge’s technology roadmap to address areas of growth
  • Chris Sultemeier utilized traditional and digital freight brokers during his time at Walmart and has used his understanding to help Emerge view and solve problems from the customers’ perspective
  • Chris has also developed a deep network of enterprise shippers and has made several introductions for Emerge
How We Help - Platform Science Case Study

As the former President and CEO of Walmart Transportation, Chris Sultemeier understands the enormous challenge of keeping a large fleet of trucks on the road while also ensuring those trucks are up to date with the latest software and hardware needed to allow drivers and fleet managers to most effectively and efficiently do their jobs.

  • Chris Sultemeier has made numerous introductions to potential customers, some of which have materialized into revenue-generating opportunities
  • Chris has helped Platform Science navigate the enterprise OEM market and cultivate key relationships, which have led to equity investments from strategic partners
  • Tracy Black has advised Platform Science in product development and sourced the hire of key senior executives
How We Help - WorkStep Case Study

NewRoad Managing Partner Clete Brewer’s own experience as an entrepreneur building Staffmark (NASDAQ: STAF), a staffing agency, from less than $1 million to over $1 billion in sales helped him recognize the need for a more complete solution for large enterprises looking to both hire and retain key frontline employees in a consistently tight part of the labor market.

  • Scott Huff, Clete Brewer, Stefan Sterns and Rick Webb have each made customer introductions that have led to new sales contracts of WorkStep’s SaaS solution, Retain
  • Chris Sultemeier’s time as EVP of Logistics at Walmart gave him the firsthand experience with some of the challenges that WorkStep’s clients are facing retaining workers

How We Work

Clete and his team have done an exceptional job of recruiting experts like Tracy Black, former SVP of IT at J.B. Hunt. This is why we chose to partner with NewRoad. Someone on the board, formerly from J.B. Hunt who truly understands our vision and market is perfect.

Andrew Leto
Co-Founder & CEO of Emerge

At NewRoad, we found a one-stop shop of people that understood our customer’s business, who the folks were within those organizations and how they would respond to our solutions. The team’s ongoing support, both in facilitating valuable partnerships and helping us avoid counterproductive ones at this time, has been instrumental to our success.

Jack Kennedy
Co-Founder & CEO of Platform Science

As we approached our Series B, we understood how impactful industry-specific firms or firms with operational resources could be having worked closely with a few. So when it was time to select our lead investor, it was a no-brainer. NewRoad offered meaningful support from industry experts and really complemented our existing board.

Dan Johnston
Co-Founder & CEO of WorkStep

Align On Your Vision

We believe in you - We believe in where we are going, together

Common alignment is the first step to building a strong partnership. If we can’t help you throughout the life of our investment, we won’t write the first check. You need to see the opportunity with us as much as we need to see the opportunity with you.

Identify Where We Can Help

How we leverage our network and expertise

Whether it be customer introductions, sourcing of management talent, technology roadmaps, marketing strategy, sales team building, preparing for an exit or just general good finance and accounting practices, our team members have seen it all.

Grow, As Partners

We are here to support you, from day one to realization

We know what it take to grow a business 3x or more in five years. It can’t be done alone… it takes a village. Importantly, all of our operating partners are there for your support, not just the one or two who may be leading our investment or serving on your board.