It's The Only Way We Know

Our Purpose and Values Are Inseparable from Who We Are as Investors and Operators


Founded by Operators to Help Operators

As entrepreneurs, we don’t see the world for what it is — we see it for what it could be. We see potential all around us and have a knack for creating innovative solutions to problems. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than the feeling of being part of the solution, of helping our partners meet challenges head-on and getting to that next step in the journey.

Truck driving on the highway

Our core values serve as the foundation for how we invest, operate and view the world.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrpeneurial spirit is not in every operator and even less so in every investor. Our own experience as entrepeneurs, however, is woven into the fabric of our firm. We seek out founders and executives that have the a similar perspective and drive to create the transformative businesses that are needed in today’s marketplae.


Purpose Built

We empower founders and executives who are purpose-driven, leading to investments in companies that are more likely to create long-term value and make a positive impact.


Thoughtful Interaction

We understand the importance of engaging in meaningful, respectful and empathetic interactions with founders, entrepreneurs and stakeholders, fostering strong relationships built on trust.



We learn from both successes and failures, humbly reflecting on past experiences to refine investment strategies and make more informed decisions.



We recognize the responsibilities that come with being a trusted partner and steward of capital, maintaining high standards of integrity, professionalism and accountability.